About Fruit-Net

Fruit-Net is an online directory for rare varieties of fruits, berries and wild fruits. The main goal of this project is to facilitate contacts between the upholders - people who collect, preserve, grow, propagate or sell old varieties of fruit and berry plants, classify varieties or study old pomology books. It is a part of European networking of NGOs and other organisations, institutions and privates, dealing in any way with old, local, forgotten, neglected and endangered varieties. It should improve the exchange of information, propagation material, know-how in conservation and talk shop between interested professionals and hobby breeders.

How to participate

You or your organisation / institution / collection might become a part of the Fruit-Net if you perform at least one of the following criteria:

Free of charge

The service is free of charge, the project is financed by Margarethe and Rudold Gsell Foundation (Basel, Switzerland) and there is no long-term commitment or financial obligation for you and your organisation.

Members get a login. They fill in their information themselves and are also allowed to change or delete their data any time. There are no responsibilties for them (except for data and information) and no immediate gains. But as Fruit-Net will be linked to numerous related web sites (FAO-GFU, SAVE and others) and available for everybody, there is some PR-Effect for example for associations, nurseries or arboreta looking for partners, members, customers or visitors.

For more information, please contact us: info@monitoring.eu.com